Parents and Citizens

We have a combined P&C Association for our campus. 

When the PLDS and RLPS were formed the Department of Education were engaged in ensuring that the two schools were clearly linked. The principals of both continue to be committed to this happening.

One way we planned to ensure this occurred was to have a joint parent body where parents from both schools could work together to benefit the school community. As a result both principals worked together to establish the combined P&C in 2002. A member of WACSSO attended one of our four meetings and advised on the make up of the Executive to ensure that representation from both schools were present. The need for this is to ensure that both parent bodies are clearly represented and involved in the decisions made by the P&C to ensure equity.

The P&C President and executive are therefore representing both schools in all decisions made by the P&C. As there are two Principals on this site we have agreed to represent each other on the P&C. We have equal status and fully brief each other on matters concerning our campus. We acknowledge that there are inherent differences in the populations of both schools and as such this will impact on some decisions taken by the P&C to accommodate these. These differences need to be considered by the executive and factored into planning. The needs of both schools should be taken into account when decisions are made and the rights of each school considered. Both principals need to be consulted about dissemination of funds which have been raised by our campus community.

Parents are encouraged to participate on the same basis at all of our host schools with many parents being members of the P&C at Bungaree PS, Mandurah PS and Pinjarra PS. In 2014 Pinjarra PS established a position for a Peel Language Development School parent representative on their P&C.