Learning Areas

Peel Language Development School (PLDS) delivers quality learning programmes in each learning area that focus on the academic and social/emotional needs of our students’. We are a specialised facility and we work together to create opportunities for each child to achieve their potential.


At PLDS we utilise the Australian Curriculum as a vehicle to deliver our teaching and learning programs in the English learning area. As a result of being a specialised facility we are well resourced in the English learning area. We have an intensive language program that is delivered through a whole school approach. We differentiate the content of the Curriculum to ensure that we meet the needs of our students. The students’ we teach respond to our multi-sensory programs such as Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar that address their Individual Language Plan goals as well as the outcomes of the Australian Curriculum. We are able to offer extension and remedial programs where needed to ensure our students’ achieve their potential.

Staff undertake comprehensive professional learning based on teacher need and school literacy priorities. Staff at PLDS embrace technology as a tool to assist in their students’ learning and each classroom uses their interactive whiteboard to support their programs in the English learning area.


At PLDS the content of the Australian Curriculum is delivered to students' through the Mathematics content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. We believe in exploring through hands-on and multi-sensory learning experiences to develop the thinking and doing required by our students’ in mathematics.

Our classrooms are well resourced with kits that include manipulatives, games and interactive resources. We have found that our cohort of students learn best when they experience hands-on activities in maths. Current research also supports hands on learning in maths. Environmental print and visual aides are used in classrooms to support student learning. There is an emphasis on problem solving in our maths programmes and we ensure students have a full understanding of a concept/skill before moving on to the next level.


At PLDS we use Primary Connections which is an innovative program that links the teaching of science and literacy in the primary years of schooling and is fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Primary Connections has an explicit focus on developing students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and capacities in science and literacy. Units employ a range of strategies to encourage students to think about, discuss and to represent science.

At PLDS we understand that the science learning area provides authentic contexts and meaningful purposes for literacy learning and also provides opportunities to develop a wider range of literacy. Teaching science with literacy improves learning outcomes in both areas. At PLDS students' ILP (language) goals are fully integrated into our science program with an emphasis on semantics, oral comprehension and pragmatic skills (co-operative learning).


Our History program is delivered through the Australian Curriculum which has two interrelated strands: Historical Knowledge and Understanding and Historical Skills. Our staff have developed a Whole School Plan that supports our student needs and focuses on quality teaching and learning that includes real world links through special events and celebrations such as Harmony Day, Remembrance Day and Anzac Day.

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education at PLDS provides students with an understanding of health issues and the skills needed for confident participation in sport and recreational activities. This enables students to make responsible decisions about health and physical activity and to promote their own health and well-being.

At Peel Language we implement a program called the Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP). A Perceptual Motor Programme has children working through a sequence of experiences to develop perception and motor outcomes along with memory training. It aims to develop a child's perceptions and understandings of him/her self and his/her world through movement and motor experiences.

Technology and Enterprise

Technology and Enterprise is taught to our students explicitly through the vehicle of the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities. We also integrate this learning area across the curriculum particularly through our language programs. We continue our hands-on approach to teaching in this area using smartboards and computers in every classroom as well as a recent trial of iPads in the school.

The Arts

The Arts is an area in which students can achieve success as although the instruction is language based, the tasks are not. The main campus at Rockingham Lakes PS has an annual Art Exhibition 'Artacular' held at the end of each school year where we showcase students’ visual artwork. All of our sites contribute pieces of artwork to this exhibition. This is a great opportunity for students’ to view their work in an exhibition and to be able to have their family and community members view their work.