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The scribbles on the change room wall at Lancelin Surf from the likes of celebrities, the worlds best windsurfers and the local legends show the history of one of WA's oldest and best-known surf shops with stickers and memorabilia to prove it.

Since the 80's, thousands have flocked into Lancelin Surf fresh from Lancelin's famous surf breaks and dunes to chat to the staff and meet with friends. The fashion may have changed from 20 years ago, but the vibe, service and relaxed atmosphere certainly has'nt. Today... Lancelin Surf still stocks the latest brands and accessories at the best prices - Lancelin Surf isn't just another surf store. it's an icon and an experience in itself.

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Whether you're a first time grom or a legend of the surf, Lancelin Surf has everything you need for the Lancelin surf breaks.

Come in and hire one of our beginner surfboards and our staff will give you all the advice you need to get going. For the pro's - we stock all shapes and sizes of new reputable brand surfboards along with fins, leg ropes, wax and surf gear to keep you out in the waves for as long as possible. We can also talk maps and tracks if you're up for adventure and want to tackle some of the northern reef and beach breaks by track, foot or boat.


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Take advantage of one of West Australia's iconic spaces with soaring white dunes that can change shape and size overnight.

A must-do for any tourist or traveller, sand boarding in Lancelin is easy and fun for the whole family. Lancelin Surf stocks a wide range of sit down and stand up sand boards for all experience levels, not to mention we will give you a quick lesson right at the counter.
School and tour groups most welcome.


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Lancelin Surf, 127 Gingin Road, Lancelin WA 6044, Phone +61 8 9655 1441